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The first TWO Good Mourning Cafes are now complete!


Thank you to Kimberly Atwood  who donated the gallery space, helped set up the exhibition and served comfort food to our guests. She worked tirelessly to help the evening flow! Thank you to Cathi Schwalbe, who, on Wednesday night spoke about her porcelain "BREATHE" plates, made especially for the cafe and Susan Messer McBride for her contribution of dinnerware and ceramic mugs. The mugs will be for sale on this site and a portion of the proceeds will support future cafes. Thank you to Debi Buzil and Kenny Dread for their big hearts and transformative Kirtan chants.  


Special thanks to Corinne D Peterson for being such a powerful artist, attending the cafe and talking about her motivation to participate. Her art work was the perfect beginning, fusing inner life with outer reality and  served as a meaningful start to the conversation which followed. 

Good Mourning Cafe was warmly received by those who attended on Wednesday March 1 & Friday March 3 at Elephant Room Gallery. A new family is born.  Here is some evidence!

In honor of the many artists who transitioned in 2016 here is a playlist put together for the cafe. I googled the artist's last song. I found most of them, but some have either not been released on Spotify, if at all. 


Though Prince's death was unexpected, the last song, Big City, on his last album HITnRUN,phase2 contains a sense of melancholy. Question: Do you believe we know somewhere deep inside when the end is imminent? Or is the ending of this song something else? Coincidence? Fatigue? Just something to think about.

From  Vanity Fair  Bruce Handy, April 28, 2016

"Like the album itself, the ending of “Big City” now echoes with an unintended poignancy: with the performance sounding as if it’s about to break down, Prince stops singing and says, almost sheepishly, “That’s it,” followed by a hit on the snare and one final blast from the brass section and then, at least on the version of the album I downloaded from iTunes, an appropriate if eerie 49 seconds of silence."


Not all of these musicians died in 2016. Included is a link to the Kanye West song. The powerful way the sang came into existence is the reason I included it.

                   d. 2016

David Bowie                    Lazarus

David Bowie                    Blackstar

David Bowie                    No Plan

Leonard Cohen                 You want it darker

Leonard Cohen                 Traveling Light

Leonard Cohen                 String Reprise/Treaty

d. 2003

Warren Zevon                  Please Stay  

Warren Zevon                  Keep me in your heart for a while

Kanye West    

      feat. Paul McCartney   Only One

                    d. 2016

Prince                             Purple Rain

Prince                             Way Back Home 

George Michael               White Light

George Michael               Heart of the Matter

Bernie Worrell                  I'll be with you

Bernie Worrell                  The Moment   

Merle Haggard                Sing Me Back Home _ Live

Merle Haggard                Silver Wings - Live

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake    Trilogy - Emerson Lake and Palmer 

Debbie Reynolds               All I do is dream of you


Debbie Reynolds & Gene Kelly   Finale

Carrie Fisher                    Sonnet 29

London Symphony Orchestra  Serenade No. 2, in A flat major, OP. 16

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