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Good Mourning Cafe
         a social gathering for mourners
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The unknown is full of infinite possibilities; something always comes from nothing. Good Mourning Cafe began with emptiness, a neutral zone where most everything was uncertain. As I spoke with others about the  pain and beauty of my experiences with death, they began to share their own. It was healing. More importantly, after several encounters it seemed a normal topic of conversation, more a curiosity than a taboo subject.

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For this event Chef Jordan Marshall prepares a three-course menu of International Comfort Food, artist Connie Noyes openly talks about her current work (A)mend(ed) at Wedge Projects, and musician/performer Debi Buzil uses spiritual truths from the Yoga Sutras and other sources to move from darkness into light through Kirtan chants. Good Mourning Cafe provides a safe environment to talk about death and loss and the the ways it impacts the living while fostering a sense of community through shared meals, conversation, music and art. Good Mourning Cafe is a safe place to be sad where no apology is ever needed.

CHEF Jordan Marshall grew up in the American Southwest and attended culinary school in Central Oregon. While in school Jordan completed a successful externship at Gold Coast steakhouse, Maple & Ash. Jordan recently relocated to Chicago’s Westside where he is now a part of the culinary team at Bucktown’s newest hit, Etta. Chef Marshall views each day as a new opportunity for growth, and he hopes to spread a sense of love and community through his cooking. Chef Marshall garners inspiration from the people, places and cultures that surround him.


Masubi tartar (GF) 
Pork Belly and polenta (GF)

Sage pasta sheet over salted tasso (V)
Congee with marinated tofu (GF)(V)

Coconut | Lemon Tart (GF) (V)

wine and mineral water

(GF) gluten free, (V) vegetarian


ARTIST Connie Noyes' work is an immersion into mourning. She maintains that grief is a common ground which, despite differences can unite individuals and communities through empathy. She is currently the resident artist at Wedge Project Space until March 8, 2019, utilizing her time there to use visual and written interventions to connect individuals through conversations on grief. Noyes received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MA in psychology and art therapy from Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California.  

KIRTAN EXTRORDINAIRE Debi Buzil learned Sanskrit chanting from her mother at a young age. Debi is the co-founder of Devi 2000, Chicago’s premier kirtan group. Their three albums — “Devotional,” “Prepare Your Soul to Dance,” and “Kum Kum” — are rooted in Bhakti Yoga, the path of love. Debi has studied music in the motherlands of Brazil, India and the U.S. At present, she is the music editor at Yoga Chicago. Debi has been blessed to have taught yoga to adults, kids. homeless teens and the ladies in her neighborhood’s women’s shelter. A longtime devotee of Amma, the “hugging saint,” Debi laughs with her kids every day. Her two children have proven to be her greatest teachers. Debi is a firm believer in love.

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